“I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head …” – Frida Kahlo

I am a visual artist specializing in painting, mixed media, collage, and community art. My work aims to explore the various points of intersection — that cut across boundaries such as culture, class, language, space and time. Converging lines, like ideas, create new perspectives.

I am motivated and inspired by my family, especially my parents. My work is informed by the understanding and challenges that come from the convergence of contrasting elements, people, place, ideas, and expressions. Like my Tongan and Irish/German heritages, I embrace and celebrate my unique cultural backgrounds. I incorporate not only cultural symbols and motifs but also shared universal human experience, in order to perpetuate and revitalize the representation of my origins and traditions as well as strengthen my relationship with — and true expression of — nature and divinity.

I believe community art is a vehicle to empower, reconnect, revitalize, inform, educate, and build strength and sustainability. Art can be the voice for those who cannot or are not allowed to speak. The instrument that intersects the barrier between those who are privileged to speak and have the platform on which to perform, and those who are silenced and struggle to be heard.


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